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‘Cruel but Necessary’ reps a major breakthrough for fiendishly talented scriptor Wendel Meldrum”
“The Intellect
- Just wrapped the movie ‘The Phantoms’ playing the role of Linda Jordan. 
Will begin shooting the fourth and final season of ‘Less Than Kind’ for HBO Canada in May 2012 which is the Direct Audience channel in the US and many other countries.
Film and TV projects on option and in development.
Best Comedic Performance by a Female on TV - Canadian Comedy Awards 2009
-  Lives in Los Angeles.
is Passionate”
    Wendel Meldrum

“The most humble and comical Wendel Meldrum has created a website so fresh and invigorating that it makes you wonder why simplicity has been abandoned as an art form.”

                                            Aaron   Binder


Toronto Star, Rob Salem's column 12/10/12 ‘Less Than Kind’

"In the first episode she delivers an astounding, largely internal yet indelibly visceral performance, absolutely heart-wrenching while, at the same time, quietly hilarious. Even talking about it after the fact, it remains profoundly moving".